Have started to reshape the contours of the economy

This stalled the bill to allow the president to complete the 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership pact. Republican leaders support the president on trade and said they might try again next week. NPR’s Juana Summers reports.. All those American campaigns that aren about who to vote for, but just try to persuade you to get off you lazy ass and vote for anyone at all, just seem silly to me. Obligatory participation forces people to care about politics and forces politicians to care about all demographics.On the other hand, many European nations without obligatory participation also have high turn up rates and don need any mobilization campaigns either. Another question is whether it beneficial to have apathetic people, who would otherwise have stayed home, in the voting booth color in some random circle based on a vague gut feeling.Sadly, it lowers our “democracy index” because forced political participation isn counted as genuine political participation.

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