The leather 1460 are my go to and have been since about 1990

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16 points submitted 1 month agoAnd yet, Canada Goose Jackets sometimes it feels Canada Goose Outlet like really blatantly obvious cases of EDS are. ignored. I didn’t get diagnosed until last December, I was 22 at the time. My rheumatologist figured it out, and when looking through my medical history he said I had all of the hallmarks as a child, and yet somehow never got diagnosed. Like, y’all, I once fractured my foot from stepping cheap Canada Goose wrong on a small incline. It was so obvious and yet I thought I was crazy for a long time until that rheumatologist made the decision to do the testing and sure enough, EDS.It’s fascinating how it’s both under diagnosed (in my case) and over/misdiagnosed (in your cousin’s gf’s case).Nooting_Penguin 1 point submitted 1 month agoHi! American who lived over there 7 years and moved back to the US for healthcare. The system works differently there, and instead of insurance companies being the hassle it the system and the limited GPS you can see in your area. Be prepared to pay privately. Although sometimes that doesn work well either 🙁 wishing you the best.mrsredfast 4 points submitted 1 month agoDisclaimer: my ankles are flexible but don’t tend to roll. I’m a Dr Marten fan. The leather 1460 are my go to and have been since about 1990. I’m on my second pair but don’t wear daily. The first pair I wore every day when I worked at a winery and they were constantly wet from cleaning tanks and still lasted a long time. I’m between two sizes and usually choose to go up and add an insole to take up space.I also have a couple of pairs of Frye boots and like them a lot too. They last forever. Not tons of arch support but mine have good ankle support. Super expensive. I live within an hour or so of a Zappos outlet and it’s been awesome for getting pricey shoes at reasonable prices. I trust the Docs more when it’s sloppier our than I do the Fryes. Definite break in time for both.My husband has both Merrill and Keen hikers and says they are both very supportive.w0bbeg0nghEDS, POTS, et al. 4 points submitted 1 month agoyep, me! i have the worst feet in the world (extra bones, no arches to speak of, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, inexplicable metatarsal pain, one irreparably snapped ligament, etc.) and Canada Goose online this is one of my most limiting issues. i wear compression socks/tights to counteract blood pooling from POTS, have canada goose coats on sale custom orthotics, wear super supportive shoes (hoka ones or hiking boots), and use some both knee and ankle braces as needed. i also sleep with plantar fasciitis sleeves, which help counteract my heel pain. i have some PT exercises i do to help strengthen the muscles in my arches, and stretch my achilles multiple times a day. i also will roll a tennis ball around on the ground to massage the bottoms of my feet.qrseek 5 points submitted 1 month agosounds like badly subluxating ribs to me. if you can figure out Canada Goose sale whether they subluxing inwards or outwards that will change what you do to help. mine sublux canada goose clearance out so i can sometimes use a backnobber (S shaped massage tool), foam roller, or tennis ball to get them back in. if they subluxing inwards sometimes it can help to lay on your back, get your hips in neutral (mine tend towards extension which then tilts my rib cage, encouraging subluxations), and blow up a balloon or breathe out with pursed lips. i would guess you should only take as deep breaths as you can without sharp pain. but breathing out like that uses the little muscles between your ribs and can help them settle.i agree that your bed could have something to do with it. i bought a buy canada goose jacket casper bed canada goose deals and have loads of pillows to try to configure something comfortable. it makes a difference but even so, my previous PT told me that keeping your body aligned during sleep is one of the hardest things. 3 points submitted 2 months agoPusaltile tinnitus (only in my left ear) that got worse when laying canada goose down was my first warning sign of intracranial hypertension/pseudotumor cerebri. Apparently it’s something that “just happens sometimes” with zebras, although there are a number of other predisposing factors that can play into it. In my case, the extra pressure inside my skull started crushing my optic nerves. I started losing my vision, canada goose clearance sale but got treatment with drugs and a spinal tap before I went blind.The single fastest way to screen for it is having a doctor check for papilledema (optic nerve disc swelling), although a lot of docs don’t know what to look for. Most ophthalmologists’ offices also have machines buy canada goose jacket cheap that can do retinal nerve scanning very fast, and take the guesswork out of it. 3 points submitted 3 months agoTravel all the time and live abroad. I frequently traveled from the US to Europe with three months of tramadol, ambian, and at the time adderall. The biggest thing is to keep them in the bottles, with the labels, and sometimes you can ask your pharmacy to put the medication insert in a bag with it. I just put all my meds in my carry on, and have a copy of the prescriptions (just ask your doc and they will xerox them). I have never had a issue. If they have asked I just pull out my scripts with three months listed, and I am waived through. For controlled substances, I make sure to get my doc to write a canada goose store letter stating how long I have been on it under their care, and that I need it for Canada Goose Parka XYZ.I’ve taken lots of controlled meds between the US and UK but haven’t taken three months worth since the canada goose outlet DEA cracked down. I also only took schedule III or lower meds with the exception of generic adderall (so no brand name and the generic isn’t well known. Also no opiates in more than a 30 day supply). The only time I’ve been questioned is flying out of heathrow with something like 240 oxycodone and then they only asked if it was all prescribed to me. I canada goose coats showed them the labels and that was it. I would ask your local pharmacist and maybe call the airline. The doctors office should also be able to give you a note even if your on works elsewhere (or advise you about alternatives). Do not check your controlled meds it won’t be easy to replace them. Also get something with your address on it ASAP when you get to the UK and register with a GP as soon as you can. It’s way better to seem them and fill them in on your issues before you need a refill or have someone wrong.

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