Constant channels of water regarding the clitoris could be extremely enjoyable.

Constant channels of water regarding the clitoris could be extremely enjoyable.

The Om

HOW He sits(yoga-style that is cross-legged, you sit in the lap dealing with him. Wrap your feet around him and hug each other for help. BENEFIT Best for tantric intercourse. Rocking, perhaps not thrusting, is key in terms of this extremely intimate place. BONUS Lock into each other’s gaze that is deep place some additional “oh” in to the big O.

Upstanding Citizen

HOW You straddle him, wrapping your legs around their human body. He appears and supports you inside the hands. You could begin in the sleep and also him select you up without disengaging. (or even for the undoubtedly bold, you are able to jump aboard from standing place!). BENEFIT He needs to slightly spread his thighs rather than secure their knees. However if he’s got a bad straight back, it is a tremendously idea that is bad! BONUS Have him push you up against a wall—very very carefully.


HOW From missionary place, you increase your feet and expand them right out (developing a “V”). BENEFIT this enables once and for all human body experience of the vulva. BONUS decide to decide to Try getting your ankles. It may offer you security as well as a stretch that is added.

Stomach Down

HOW Lie on your own stomach along with your hands thrust betwixt your feet. Grind your feet together and go your sides down and up so your clitoris and pubic mound scrub against your securely held hands. ADVANTAGE Simple satisfaction that is yet superb. BONUS It’s simple to include to many positions that are rear-entry such as the Flatiron or the Leapfrog.

Bubble the Fun

HOW along with your body submerged and feet dangling from the bath bath tub, begin by providing your self a rubdown up top before you move down seriously to roam around underneath the water. ADVANTAGE Relaxing in a hot sweet-smelling shower helps alleviate stress, simplicity anxiety, and positively gets you in the mood. BONUS include a waterproof vibe to make waves and take advantageous asset of the “pulse” environment on your own detachable showerhead. Read More