Almost anything About JDate’s Lawsuit Against JSwipe Is Ridiculous: Trademark & Patent Insanity

Almost anything About JDate’s Lawsuit Against JSwipe Is Ridiculous: Trademark & Patent Insanity

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Final thirty days, I first find out about popular Jewish dating site JDate suing a Jewish Tinder clone JSwipe via a write-up by Greg Ferenstein explaining the outline associated with lawsuit — though, unfortunately suggesting that the lawsuit it self had been genuine. I obtained a duplicate of this issue and now have been meaning to publish up a far more step-by-step analysis for the lawsuit, however in recent days, the Observer got lots of attention for speaking about the patent facet of the lawsuit and Vice’s Motherboard published a write-up explaining the way the patent under consideration is ridiculous. Really, it really is even worse than that. The entire lawsuit is ridiculous, also it begins aided by the trademark claims that come before the patent people.

In the trademark front side, JDate makes the argument it, even though its actual trademarks are on specific things like JDate and JMag that it has trademarked any dating site/app with the letter “J” in front of.

Plaintiff is the master of a diverse trademark profile associated with its different services and products, including a big group of markings utilising the “J” prefix to indicate services and products (“J-family”) built to meet up with the needs for the community that is jewish.

[. ] Plainiff has expended significant time, work, cost, ability, research and development during the period of over 17 years to build up, advertise, market, and promote its iconic J-Family of marks, all originating with its earliest mark, the progenitor for the J-Family of Marks: JDATE.

Unless of course there isn’t any confusion that is public this, it really is tough to observe how there is the best trademark instance, nor will there be any practical chance that “JSwipe” somehow “dilutes” the trademark of JDate. Read More